use snorkel and stop data mishaps

snorkel is a realtime exploratory data analysis tool that is complementary to your monitoring software. After you spot an anomaly in a time series graph, snorkel helps you create, refine and compare queries on your data that explain why your graphs are changing.


Run and refine queries with Snorkel's easy to use query builder.


Run queries on millions of samples in seconds instead of minutes.


Create your own datasets, views and flows that work for you and your data.

Zooming in on an anomaly

Ask and answer your questions in real time! Snorkel is an exploratory analysis tool that lets you ask question after question, each one unlocking new insights (and questions) about your running systems.

If you use a monitoring suite or TSDB, you probably know the familiar pain of seeing a graph change and not knowing why. Unlike a TSDB, Snorkel is meant for querying and browsing through raw samples.

Normally, aggregating millions of raw samples would be slow but Snorkel is fast because it uses a custom datastore, Sybil, that is built for speed and size. With columnar compression, your samples take up less space than believable. Built from the ground up in Go for instrumentation, Sybil is able to query millions of samples in under a second on commodity hardware.

How it works


  • Easy to use time-based query builder
  • Over a dozen views for visualizing your data
  • Adjust queries on the fly with realtime drilldowns
  • Stores raw samples instead of pre-aggregating data
  • Write your own custom views and visualizations
  • Dashboarding with Grafana

Bar charts with comparison mode

Forecasting with multi-seasonal exponential smoothing

Example Uses

  • Monitor push and deployment health
  • Track and diagnose client errors
  • Diagnose performance regressions
  • Store browser history and page loads
  • Track and understand your slow DB queries
  • Analyze per process stats: RAM, CPU, etc

Built with

Snorkel and Sybil are licensed under the MIT license - your software and data should be owned and modifiable by you